Wounded World

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Clinton Collins
Clinton Collins


Long days

Longer nights

Shadows tumble

Under the moonlight

Sunken eyes

Deaths hard kiss

The dead are walking

In your mist

It's a wounded world

Have we lost our way

We've turn it upside down

Night has become day


Corrupted hearts

Churning in an ocean

Promises made

Like some magic potion

Keep selling sex

Violence and pills

Nothing is sacred

Who's going to pay the bill

It's a wounded world

There's no way out of here

Just look around you

Everything is perfectly clear


Always keep a bullet

In your pocket

Get ready

To turn over your wallet

Older brother

He knows what's best

The things you should believe

No need to protest

It's a wounded world

How are we ever going to heal

Fact becomes fiction

Fiction becomes real


Don't believe in the devil

You say there’s no god

All that we experience

Is who we are

Selling bits of your soul

Like you were a market

Until the shelf is bare

You've always been the target

It's a wounded world

How are we ever going to heal

Are you sure you understand

Trust me one day you will



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