Red Pepper

Clinton Collins
Clinton Collins


This song is about a sweet country girl I met years ago. You know who you are!


I met a girl back in West Virginia

She had the prettiest blues eyes

I met her aunt,twin brother and pa

Three distant cousins and her old coon dog

An invitation to Sunday dinner

Fried chicken and rhubarb pie

We went out into the family garden

Ate tomatoes right off the vine

Girl you're hotter

Than a red pepper

You're sweeter

Than the whole honey hive

Girl you're hotter

Than a red pepper

Someday darling I'm going to make mine

We would stroll across the lush green valleys

Made out by the old water mill

I had a fever hyperthermia

She was steaming like a radiator grill


Now I look back at those long lost days

I thank the good Lord above

I still feel the heat start to rise

Every night when she's lying by my side


I'm so glad that I made you mine

6/1/2013 Hollowcreek Music 2014

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