Family Pictures

Clinton Collins
Clinton Collins


On June 23rd 2016 a flood hit my home state of West Virginia causing much damaged. Please consider giving to help relieve these folks of loss and please download song and share.


Family Pictures
Clinton Collins

The rain came down
            [F]             [C]
And the water came up 
We tried to save some of our stuff
It was washing away
                 [F].       [C]
More than dirt and debris
The river took our memories

We saved the camper
and my old guitar
We moved the truck
And parked the car
But it came so fast
That we never had a chance 
We didn't save our family pictures

There was a picture of my daddy
Back in World War 2
      [F].                                         [C]
My brother's candy apple red Chevy Malibu
     [Am].                            [Em]
A grade school picture from '68
[F].                  [G].         [C]
These were our family pictures

I took the family
To the church downtown
We said a prayer
And they laid us down
When the morning came 
We went back to see
The remnants of our history

There was mud and water
Left from the flood
Some folks were still searching
For those they loved
Should we want to rebuild
FEMA will help
But they can't replace our family pictures

There was a picture of my mother
Like a movie queen
My sisters my brothers 
Me at thirteen
The old home place
The bridge that washed away
These were our family pictures

As the dark clouds rolled out
The blue skies came in
We try to rebuild our house again
Through our sweat and tears
Our hope grew strong
Then we took a family picture
These are our family pictures


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