Creek Boy Blues

by Clinton Collins

Released 2006
Lost Cauz Records
Released 2006
Lost Cauz Records
Appalachian/Americana. A merging of styles and memories throughout his music. Haunting melodies, stories of one's youth and future, hopes and dreams flow like the tributaries of our lives.
Clinton Collins is a singer/songwriter from the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. One may more accurately perceive that he is one of those rare souls who sees and feels a little more than he is always comfortable with. His musical poetry is filled with the mystery, fascination, and stark beauty of his natural surroundings. Blends of rock, country, blues, folk, gospel, and mountain music are creatively woven into a sound that retains the fingerprints of his personality. With a relaxed, yet passionate vocal style, Clinton offers a unique sampling of original songs about people and places that seem familiar and stories that resonate with us all. Recently he won the 2005 New Song Festival {the Sundance for performing songwriters} for his song We’re Watching Home & Garden and also won The Next Great West Virginia Song Contest with The Appalachian Way. The new cd, Creek Boy Blues, capture his songwriting at his best. Simple songs with depth upon each listen. He is currently booking performances locally and regionally. The new cd is a great introduction to what he has called Appalachian/Americana.
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Mar 2
THE LISTENING ROOM at Ron Ireland Studio
Wytheville, VA
Mar 21
Bolling Wilson Hotel
Wytheville, VA
Mar 23
Bramwell, West Virginia

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