Aound The Sun

by Clinton Collins

Released 05/23/2016
Creekboy Records
Released 05/23/2016
Creekboy Records
Refreshing new songs about staying grounded and true to yourself. Hints of country, blues and gospel throughout.
  • 03:46 Lyrics
    My Sweet Baby & Gravity
    Sixty-five years around the sun 
     It's been a blast and a whole lot of fun 
    But now I'm burnt from my head to my toes 
    There's are times I want to let go 
     Out of this orbit into space 
    Leave behind the human race 
    How I've kept my sanity 
     My sweet baby and gravity 
    Thirty years ago I fell head over heals 
    It took me by surprise to feel what I feel 
    It wasn't her blues eyes or her smile 
    It was the heart of the matter that drove me wild 
    Like a bullet from an old handgun 
    Ringed through the neighborhood woke everyone 
    Hit the mark brought me to my knees 
    My sweet baby and gravity 
    If I could let go and float away 
    Break the tether of yesterday 
    I'd missed the warmth of her sweet love 
    My tears would fall like rain from above 
    Out in Hollywood they just don't care 
    They swap their partners like underwear 
    And there's folks who like to settle down 
    But real true love ain't easily found 
    It's a mystery how lovers meet 
    Coincidence or destiny Caught up in the galaxy 
    Of my sweet baby and gravity
    Hollowcreek Music 5/20/2015


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