The Long Journey Home

Clinton Collins Lyrics Clinton Collins, Dale Elswick, and Randy Fielder Music


Throughout life, it's so easy to overlook the treasures and gems that are before us. We're easily seduced by the busyness of life and the journey becomes a burden. The child like wander is forgotten and lost on the way. Kick a few stones over to find the beauty of life awaiting you on your own journey.


Black crow flying above the pines Creek bed is dry only puddles to find Sun is baking the blacktop road Heat rising at the fishing hole Breaking bottles along the ditch Found a hubcap and I struck it rich Caught a ride into town to catch a show I met little Julie at the old drug store Young eyes still wander at this little blue earth Old eyes still ponder for all it’s worth Treasure to find under every stone You got to dig a little deeper on the long journey home Baby smiling at a mystery Dog barking in the distance like a melody Porch swing lovers steal a kiss Street congregation in the mist Darkness strays as the night sky glows Catch a firefly and let it go In the tall grass smell the meadows perfume As summer fades beneath the midnight moon Chorus 1/11/09

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Mar 2
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Wytheville, VA
Mar 21
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Wytheville, VA
Mar 23
Bramwell, West Virginia

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