Resurrection Day

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I'd played a gig and got home late. As soon as my head hit the pillow this song started floating around. I knew from experience that it would be best to get up and record a demo before the next day because it would have traveled on through the ethereal.


Now these mountains are much smaller Strip and orphan left all alone Robbed of the glory they were hiding Picked apart like flesh from a bone Grandfather labored in these shadows Until he was broken and gray Now he rest within this hillside Waiting for the resurrection day The democrats promise better The poor man will get his fair share The others more for the rich But to me no one really cares All these years I've barely broke even No matter what they portray My hope is in my Savior And the promise of the resurrection day Now some day I will rise When I hear that trumpet blow And the veil will be removed I will know as I have been known Joy will fill these valleys And tears will be washed away But I've got to remain faithful Until the resurrection day Look for me on that resurrection day 10/21/07 Hollowcreek Music ASCAP 2009

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Mar 2
THE LISTENING ROOM at Ron Ireland Studio
Wytheville, VA
Mar 21
Bolling Wilson Hotel
Wytheville, VA
Mar 23
Bramwell, West Virginia

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