Pothole Road

Clinton Collins & The Creekboys


Life is a journey and many times the obstacles that we encounter are of our own doings. We're slowed down and side tracked by traveling down long paths that gets us lost and unsure of where we need to be. It's also a fun song to play in concert.


Here I go Down the Pothole Road Spinning gravel With a heavy load Should have learn my lesson Years ago Now here I go Down the Pothole Road When I was a young man I left my good home Set my sails high For the asphalt sea I've journey so far I don't remember I love to go back But that can never be Chorus I broke some kind hearts My dear mother's She try to warn me Of my wicked ways But I was stubborn I didn't listen I turned off that light For the dark highway Chorus Should have been me Upon that cross Pay my own debts Serve my time But somebody loved me When I didn't love myself Stood in my place Accused of my crime 12/15/06 ©ASCAP Hollowcreek Songs 2009

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Mar 2
THE LISTENING ROOM at Ron Ireland Studio
Wytheville, VA
Mar 21
Bolling Wilson Hotel
Wytheville, VA
Mar 23
Bramwell, West Virginia

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