Portal Of Light



Written in '99, I tried this song several times but, one day I picked up a banjo to see what it would sound like and it stuck. Semi-autobigraphical, the writer wants to catch his breath and enjoy the moment. Remembering the experiences of life and the things that matter and people that's changed his life.


I was born a miner’s son But I never wanted to be one He worked until his day was done Down in the cold dark mine I was just sixteen I had my visions and I had my dreams Yeah how my heart did bleed Down that old dirt road {Chorus} The portal of light is just ahead I remember all the things he said A breath of fresh air is going to clear my head And makes me think of you It makes me think of you I was born on a snowy day The chill of winter and the clouds of gray She said there would be better days I’m looking for a patch of blue Take me down where the fields are green Hold my hand and walk with me You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen The first I’ve ever loved {Chorus} I've been broken and I've been healed Up and down like a Ferris wheel I've known hunger and I've been filled From the table of the King 8/15/99 ©ASCAP Hollowcreek Songs 2009

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Mar 2
THE LISTENING ROOM at Ron Ireland Studio
Wytheville, VA
Mar 21
Bolling Wilson Hotel
Wytheville, VA
Mar 23
Bramwell, West Virginia

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