Junebug On A String



This is the wedding day for the Junebug Bride. I used my Grandparents names for the kin folk! Our daughters sang on this one and it was a joy.


My shoes are shined My suit is fine The preacher has been payed My throat is dry The fiddles cry On our wedding day The earth is still We're in God's will The crickets began to sing My heart is humming in your hand Like a Junebug on a string Your mom and dad And all my kin Has came from far away Uncle Jim Grandma Cline For our wedding day I say I do And you do too I place the golden ring My lips are buzzing as we kiss Like a Junebug on a string Dance with me yes dance with me As our hearts take wing Dance with me yes dance with me Like a Junebug on a string Your golden hair Your soft white skin Your eyes are like bluejays Your beauty is all I see On our wedding day I hold you close I feel your breath Cool as a mountain spring Hold on tight don't let me go Like a Junebug on a string 04/18/08

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