Junebug Bride

Clinton Collins & The Creekboys


My first coal mining song. I've avoided this for years and felt it was time to write something. I've had 3 endings and finally settled for this one. I always think of my grandfather, when I sing this song, who was killed in a mining accident in the 1930's.


A yellow moon was sleeping In the blue mountain sky Two young lovers And a million fireflies His heart was revealed Under that big search light Would you marry me And be my Junebug bride He became a union man At the number ten mine A company store ring From his hard worked overtime And down by the willow On the Brier Creek side He became one with her His Junebug bride And the fiddles played On that long summer day Everyone danced As the cool grass swayed All through the valley And the countryside She was the prettiest girl His Junebug bride The coal seam was low And mixed with sweat and blood It'll break your back As you sacrificed your lungs But they could not take his soul He held on to his pride And his heart belonged to one His Junebug bride chorus In the darkness and dust There came a rumbling sound Bad news spread fast As the town folk gathered around Her eyes filled up with tears Like those misty hollow skies As they prayed upon their knees With his Junebug bride The night crept on forever Out of the portal no one came At dawn they found some men Someone called upon her name Among the worn black faces Was two arms opened wide And he held on to her tight His Junebug bride 10/28/06 ©ASCAP Hollowcreek Songs 2006 Clinton Collins

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