We're Watching Home & Garden { Live }

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It's good to have humor in a marriage along with trust. My wife has great confidence that I'm good at tasks around home. After watching a segment on TV of someone building a nice shiny symmetrical table, she said I could do the same. I said "I've never watched a football game and expect you to go out back and kick field goals". This is a live track with all the noise and laughter of the room.


Don't you touch that channel She said I'm watching my show They're planting wild flowers The kind that we need to grow And later on tonight There's a segment on hardwood floors Country style kitchens They're making a table out of a door I said what about the game The Lions and the Vikes I've already invited Bill, Chuck, and Mike She said I'm sorry mister it's not going to happen tonight We're watching home and garden I've got satellite TV There's cable in all my rooms The only things I get to watch Are the things she says I need to do I'm learning all about pottery Wallpaper reseeding my lawn Last week we took an old refridgerator and turned it into a goldfish pond I said what about CSI ESPN I was hoping to have the tube sometime after ten She said the tivo's programed where have you been We're watching home and garden There was a couple who took a Carribien cruise While they were gone Their house was replaced/removed The neighbors were in on it The mother in-law When the husband came home He developed lock jaw I'm scared to go to work What can happen in eight hours I'm having nightmares Doc Bob Villa is in my shower But it's not all been to bad Look how well I can weave a basket If you don't mind me saying This room could use a little less foam and plastic Then the wife comes in She says how have you been I've got a great idea how to remodel our den We'll turn it into a sports bar You can invite all your friends And right in the middle of the room Is a Great Big Screen Plasma TV We're watching home and garden

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