Sometimes I Just Wanna Cry

Clinton Collins ©2006 Hollowcreek Songs ASCAP


As a child my Mom would sing to us at night and I thought she was this prolific writer. It turns out they were Carter Family tunes. This song talks about the weight of life and hopefully how we want to live it.


Mama sung Mother Maybelle songs The winter nights when we were alone She said she’d learn them as a child Through troubled times they made her smile My daddy was a hard-working man Harder yet to understand He never said he loved us but we knew he did You do your best when you’ve got seven kids chorus How I love Amazing Grace Tears of joy upon my face I was lost but now I'm found Dark was the night cold was the ground Rev. Davis won't you play some blues For broken hearts like me and you I don't know the reason why Sometimes I just want to cry One of my best friends he left to soon A lonely night under an autumn moon We found him in his truck on the side of the road No message just a heavy load And there’s been others that’s came and gone To them I dedicate this song I hope I’ll see them in paradise Together forever around the throne of Christ chorus When they lay this body to rest I hope they say I did my best That I was a real good friend Went the distance when we couldn't see the end To all the angels I’ve entertained I wish I knew every one of your names I want to thank you for stopping by Sweet chariot won’t you give them a ride chorus 12/7/00

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