Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Clinton Collins
Clinton Collins ©ASCAP Hollowcreek Songs 2006


A simple song about faith. I wanted to write an old sounding gospel song with a familiar theme. Taking our eyes off of ourselves and unto Him.


Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus There's a light That shines in darkness And it shines So bright and warm Keep your eyes upon Jesus And he'll hold you in his arms There's an anchor In stormy waters That will keep you from drifting far Keep your eyes upon Jesus And he'll lead you safely home I've been caught up within it's current Tossed and pulled by my own fears Now I know there are no reasons For me to wander from here There's a love That will last forever When all else Has come and gone Better keep your eyes upon Jesus And in your heart carry a song One you can sing with all the angels And those who lay down their own lives And on that day that final hour Your thirst will be satisfied 3/31/05

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