Ghost In My Hometown

Clinton Collins ©Hollowcreek Music ASCAP


Driving to our hometown one Christmas, I felt very uneasy seeing the old surroundings. Things were smaller and more closed in and there were a lot of changes but, I still sensed the past and that some familiar face was just around the corner. These chimes are on my back deck and at night I sometimes hear them when the wind blows. I thought they would add to the eerie mood that the songs brings.


There are ghost in my hometown Every time I go there I can feel their eyes upon me Their cold piercing stare And my memories run deep Like these valleys and streams That follow my footsteps Upon the shores of my dreams And I awaken in the night To catch a glimpse of my past The wild seeds I planted I thought would never last Oh I buried them so quickly Within the furrows of the ground Unexpectedly shows up With the ghost in my hometown There are ghost in my hometown A dark sky is hanging low I can hear the faint whispers From the voices of long ago And they dwell in dead buildings In the rows of homeless homes Waiting there together In their silent catacombs But It's still a part of me Although I've tried to break away It's like my fingerprints In every word I say And I'm never far enough They always come around To serve me my notice The ghost in my hometown And there are ghost in my hometown That will not be ignored I sometimes their presence A stranger at my door And they call out my name As if I want to hear Waiting in the shadows Waiting to appear As I gaze through this window A slight reflection I see The cars go rolling by But they never notice me I'm filled with emotion As my heart begins to pound For I finally realize I'm a ghost in my hometown 8/22/04

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