Cross The River

Clinton Collins ©2006 Hollowcreek Songs ASCAP


This song I wrote after seeing a picture of my Mom & Dad, during a tragic time in their life, being baptize. It's the same river that I learned to swim and where their faith was acknowledged.


I crossed the ancient river To get to the other side Sand filled my pockets Teardrops filled my eyes It's not what you wash in That cleanses your soul But the things that you believe That will not let you go Hallelu hallelujah We must all cross the river Hallelu As a boy I would swim here And float around the bend But now I'm going under I recognized my sin I'm drenched in the spirit I'm filled up to the brim My joy is overflowing Like these river banks have been chorus Tell my grandson What grandpa believes That Jesus is the Savior Who sets the captives free And tell that old river That flows endlessly To carry all my heartaches To the bottom of the sea Chorus 2/15/05

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