Creek Boy Blues

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Clinton Collins ©2006 Hollowcreek Music ASCAP


As children we all lived beside small streams in the hollows and as we grew older we nicknamed ourselves the Creek Boys. That always stayed with me. The Creek Boy is a restless spirit, longing for something different than what his parents had settled for.


Grandma's at the back porch Tossing out scraps Baby's in the backroom Taking a nap My sister's going to get it Before the day is through I wish they leave me alone I've got the Creek Boy Blues July sun Burning up the pole beans Flat & Scruggs Playing on the TV Hear the banjo playing Taste the bitter home brew I just can't shake it I've got the Creek Boy Blues Between this little small town And the great big sky Live the lost and found Under a watchful eye Where you're born You don't get to choose You just carry that weight Like the Creek Boy Blues There's a sweet choir singing Lifting holy hands It's a song about redemption In a promise land I'm kicking at stones In my new church shoes I've got the Creek Boy Blues 7/15/05 ©ASCAP Hollowcreek Songs 2006

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