Black Walnut Stain

Clinton Collins ©2006 Hollowcreek Music ASCAP


As kids in the fall, we harvested black walnuts and had the task of peeling the hull off. It leaves an indelible black ink stain on your hands for a few weeks. Sometimes in life we become typecast because of our location, accent, color, or education. It leaves a mark on us that some can't seem to release and go on through life and believe that "boundaries were create by men".


I come from the county That the others have mocked They say we're all no good At least that's what they talk They never knew my father His blood flows through my veins But words can darken a young heart With skies like black walnut stain Caught a greyhound to the flatlands Two silver dollars was all I own Traveled far away settled in this place Made a vow I'd never go home But at night I walked along those dirtroads My tears taste like mountain rain My world became so empty and cold With skies like black walnut stain He said "Son don't judge another It's better to be a friend And don't believe in boundaries They're only created by men " I come from a county Where the bones of your fathers lay I left it long ago my children I thought there was no other way Now I am an old man I no longer remember my shame I'm proud to be from the county That once cause me so much pain I'm proud to be from the county With skies like black walnut stain 12/15/05

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